Take My Hand


Take My Hand comprises stories of creative nonfiction memoir describing the dissolution of a marriage (the author’s) –with three children involved– and the emergent healing process.

Take My Hand: Twelve Stories of Dissolution and Healing, by Sasha Porter Blue.

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“Through the challenges of divorce, child-rearing, and a search for personal justice, Sasha Porter Blue’s Take My Hand arrives at solid ground and release. By turns witty and wrenching, her writing draws the reader toward a woman who insists on resolution, where the demands of tending to hearts and houses fuels clarity and spiritual growth. Porter Blue’s engaging storytelling relies on her attentive ear, her hungry eye, her open heart. The reader grows to trust Porter Blue’s voice and grows eager to grasp her outstretched hand.”
–Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, author of On the Threshold: Home, Holiness, and Hardwood; Swinging on the Garden Gate; and Writing the Sacred Journey: The Art and Practice of Spiritual Memoir

“Take My Hand takes our hearts in an authentic, poetic telling of one person’s voyage of discovery and growth in the proces of a divorce.”
–Stu Webb, Founder, Collaborative Law.

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Take my Hand